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This is why a traffic doc is so important for AdOps

A traffic doc is a template, usually in excel, that conveys all the required information to the AdOps team about how a digital ad campaign should be setup. Using a traffic doc can feel like a bit more work upfront when you're transcribing information from one place to another, but it will save you time in the long run for a few reasons.

  1. The traffic doc serves as a checklist to ensure all the required information has been given to the person who is setting up the campaign in the media platform. If any information is missing, it will be immediately clear before the request for trafficking is even submitted.

  2. The information is centralized, organized and easy to understand quickly. Trafficking an ad campaign will take longer and be more prone to errors if you are referencing multiple sources for campaign setup information.

  3. All parties involved have the traffic doc for future reference to understand how a campaign was originally trafficked if optimizations are made mid-flight.

Do yourself and your AdOps team a favor by commiting to filling out a traffic doc for every campaign!

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