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About Us

Our Values

No Short Cuts.

Every single task we do gets QAed by a 2nd person before it goes live. Quality is our most important metric. 

Lead with Kindness.

We know our team performs their best when they are well treated. We run a strict operation… AND we truly enjoy working with each other. 

Continue Learning.

This industry changes continuously and we adapt right along with it. Staying humble and ahead of trends is how we stay effective over decades.

Our Commitment

Working with The AdTech Team means that you will have an experienced point of contact in the USA who will partner with you to create the operations playbook. Your contact will then coordinate the completion of the work on a daily basis with the team pulling the levers behind the scenes. 

Your point of contact will have weekly or monthly calls with you to share any reporting, onboard any new tasks, etc. 

We are so confident in the quality of our work, we guarantee a minimum 98% accuracy rate. No other AdOps team makes this guarantee!

Our Experience

The AdTech Team is comprised of AdOps, MediaOps and AdTech professionals. We are the ones behind the scenes, ensuring everything is setup properly, all connections between platforms are working as expected and all ads are previewing and clicking through.


When working with The AdTech Team, operations will run so smoothly, you will hardly notice us... which is what we strive for! We support in the background so that you can shine in the foreground! 

We are doing the work we enjoy the most. This is the work our careers were built on. We are happy to support you! 

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