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AdOps for AdTech

We are YOUR team. The AdTech Team.

What is AdTech?

Advertising Technology (AdTech) has evolved extremely rapidly over the past 20 years or so. We've been there since the beginning to witness and evolve right along side it! AdTech refers to a wide range of media platforms, all supporting digital advertising in different ways. We specialize in the Advertising Operations (AdOps), or setup work behind the scenes. 

For example, Google Campaign Manager is an ad server that hosts display creative, or generates trackers-only, to track impressions and clicks across the different publishers the creative runs on and to deduplicate the conversions across the media plan. Google Analytics also tracks website activity, and therefore click activity, and can also deduplicate click conversions. LiveRamp is a tool used to build complex audience segments and distribute those segments across media platforms. There are programmatic DSPs and SSPs that allow advertisers to bid on serving each user an ad across the entire open internet. Then there are walled gardens like Meta, that allow user data to come in but not go out (without a clean room).

These are all examples of AdTech platforms that we support! There are many more than this of course, and yes... we support that one too :) 

Who We Support

We are the ones behind the scenes setting up digital advertising campaigns for the biggest brands in the world.


We support:

  • Media and AdOps teams at holding companies or ad agencies, at any size

  • In-house media buying teams for Advertisers directly

  • AdTech companies on both the supply and demand side

  • Many other types of companies like Publishers, data tech, etc. 


We have trafficked digital campaigns for advertisers like Amazon, Google, Nike, Home Depot, Verizon Wireless, Ford, Auto trader, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Expedia, Hyatt, American Airlines, CVS, Walgreens,, E*TRADE, Bank of America and virtually every other big brand name you can think of. We have direct, in-house AdOps, campaign troubleshooting, optimization, etc, experience at DSPs, SSPs, Agencies, and large AdTech companies like Meta. 


We can do the same for you! No communication issues and no misinterpreted instructions. We are experts at what we do and we have a proven process that works every time.

We make great partners with the bombastic marketing sales people of the world

What We Do

We specialize in doing all the setup work for digital advertising campaigns across all media channels and AdTech platforms. We have extensive experience in programmatic display and CTV in DSPs and SSPs like Nexxen, The TradeDesk, AdapTV, AppNexus, Amazon DSP, +more. We also have extensive experience in all of the social media platforms like Facebook (Meta), TikTok, Pinterest, SnapChat, LinkedIn, +more. Need help with Search? We can help with that too! 


Others do the media strategy and planning and we do the setup work. The setup work is often called media buying. We'll sometimes refer to this work as AdOps, or advertising operations. This work is similar to data entry, but with specialization. You would tell us the parameters of the campaigns, such as start/end dates, budgets, audience, etc, and we get it all setup for you! 

People often tell us they're surprised by the quality of our work. The unfortunate truth is that they've had a bad experience in the past when they tried to send this type of setup work to another company. What we do differently to avoid that trouble is we have dedicated US-based people assigned to your account. These people are also AdOps people, they're not Sales people. So they truly understand the directions and they're able to work closely with our offshore team to ensure the work is done correctly and nothing is lost in translation. 

Another advantage of working with us is that all of our work is QAed by a 2nd person and our big team is ready to help, any time!


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