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In-flight Campaign Optimization

Keep your campaigns on track with our expert monitoring and optimization services.

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

When we are tasked with monitoring and optimizing campaigns while they’re still in-flight, we create custom reports to monitor their performance closely. We will optimize the campaign 2-3 times per week and monitor how the changes affected performance. We are constantly balancing performance and delivery while at the same time working within any targeting constraints that cannot be changed. Real World Example: For a major car website brand, we are responsible for making sure ~20 campaigns deliver in full on an ongoing basis while meeting a minimum CTR. To accomplish this, we created an optimization playbook, which the client signed off on. Using that playbook and custom reporting we created, we're able to successfully balance delivery and CTR goals by proactively monitoring and making ongoing changes and alerting the client to any changes that need to be made while the campaign is still in-flight. Let's talk to determine if this service is right for you! You'll be talking to an operations person who has a deep understanding of AdTech and Ad Operations. They can advise on how to set up our partnership for lasting success. Note: By selecting this option as the topic for the intro call, you're not limited to only this service. We will customize our service to whatever your company's needs are. This topic can just serve as a starting point for the discussion.

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