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Data Partner Reporting

Specialized reporting for data partners on data usage and for optimization.

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

Creating very custom reporting for any type of AdTech need is a special skill of ours. We are especially experienced in reporting on data usage for specific data partners for the purposes of optimization and billing. We compare our reports to the monthly reports the data partners send to make sure there are no discrepancies before bills are paid. Real World Example: For a major Data Partner, using SQL, Tableau and Google Data Studio, we ran weekly and monthly usage reports that were used for data category optimization and billing. On average, these reports were relied on for an average of $21k/month in data usage billings. Let's talk to determine if this service is right for you! You'll be talking to an operations person who has a deep understanding of AdTech and Ad Operations. They can advise on how to set up our partnership for lasting success. Note: By selecting this option as the topic for the intro call, you're not limited to only this service. We will customize our service to whatever your company's needs are. This topic can just serve as a starting point for the discussion.

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