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Audience Targeting Optimization

Target your audience with precision and maintain your segments to keep them performing well.

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

There are a lot of audience segments used in AdTech that contain many categories within them. An often overlooked method of optimization is to remove any non-performing data categories within an Audience Segment. Real World Example: To create custom audience segments for our clients, we analyze past campaign performance to gain insights on high performing content. Using that knowledge, we select audience categories from the leading data partners, such as LiveRamp, Nielsen, Exelate, Krux, Datalogix, AddThis, Experian, OwnerIQ, and Samba TV. Using data from a mixture of these data providers, we create high-performing, granular data segments and use them to expertly optimize the campaigns, monitoring performance and removing the low-performing segments to drive more traffic with the high performing segments while the campaigns are still in-flight. Let's talk to determine if this service is right for you! You'll be talking to an operations person who has a deep understanding of AdTech and Ad Operations. They can advise on how to set up our partnership for lasting success. Note: By selecting this option as the topic for the intro call, you're not limited to only this service. We will customize our service to whatever your company's needs are. This topic can just serve as a starting point for the discussion.

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