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Top 5 AdOps Tasks to Offshore

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Sending work abroad can sound like a scary idea, especially if you've personally had a bad experience with offshore customer service in the past. However, the secret to success when using an offshore team for advertising operations is selecting the right types of tasks to offshore, while keeping the rest in-house.

  1. Highly Repetitive Tasks. Any type of task that is essential the same each time and can be documented as a step by step process is an excellent task to utilize an offshore team to complete.

  2. If This / Then This. Easily documentable tasks in an "if this happens, then do this" format to cover any potential situations that could arise while the task is being completed.

  3. Large One-Off Projects. Migrating campaigns from one platform to another or a large data clean-up project, etc. These types of one-off tasks can take a huge amount of your full time employee's time to complete and are a great opportunity to utilize an offshore team.

  4. Data Entry. Moving data from one place to another on an ongoing basis.

  5. Troubleshooting and QA. Because 90% of troubleshooting is double checking all campaign parameters were entered correctly, troubleshooting and Quality Assurance are both very good tasks for an offshore team.

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